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How do I care for my child’s teeth?

To care foryour child’s teeth and help them develop good oral hygiene practices, try to adhere to the following:

  • Start brushing when the milk teeth first appear (6 months). Use just a smear of tooth paste till the age of 3. Special toothpastes are not necessary.
  • Encourage them to spit after brushing, but do not use too much water to dilute the fluoride in the paste.
  • Guide your child’s hand when he or she is ready to learn how to brush. Use a mirror to instruct them on the technique. Supervise brushing until your child is 7-8.
  • Visit your dentist initially to get your child familiar with the environment, and at regular intervals to have their teeth evaluated. This will help identify certain problems early. Treatments such as fluoride varnishes and fissure sealants may be offered to coat the tooth surfaces, making them resistant to decay.
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