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Professional Mouthguard
Professional Mouthguard

The gentle way to straighten your teeth naturallywith nobrace SA

Does your child have crooked teeth? Orthodontic problems can appear by 6 yo. Bad habits such as mouth breathing, tongue thrusting, thumb sucking and incorrect swallowing result in crooked teeth over time.  Children who have these habits are usually unaware and over time this can result in asymmetrical and crooked teeth.

Although braces correct the crooked teeth during the early teenage or adult years, it does not address the poor muscular habits of the mouth and tongue effectively. Over time teeth often become misaligned again after braces are removed.

At nobrace SA, our experienced orthodontist and dentists aim to correct bad habits, avoid removal of teeth and reduce the need for braces.

With exercises to train the muscles and the use of our innovative removable plates including, we can help your child develop good habits and retrain muscles.   This results in healthy teeth moving naturally into the correct position.

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