Gentle Dentistry

Osseous Surgery

What is Osseous Surgery?

It is an aspect of periodontics that involves the modification of the bony support of your teeth.

Indications for Osseous Surgery

Periodontal surgery may be indicated in patients with deep periodontal pockets and unhealthy or irregular bony architecture.

Osseous Surgery Procedure

During osseous surgery, a soft tissue flap is raised to expose the underlying bone. The bony defects are reshaped using special instruments under saline irrigation. In some cases, a bony defect may have to be filled in with bone grafts. Once the desired anatomic structure is obtained, the soft tissue flaps are reattached to bone. Complete healing after osseous surgery may take a couple of months.

Benefits of Osseous Surgery

The benefits of osseous surgery include:

  • Reduced depth of periodontal pockets
  • Better plaque control
  • Reduced inflammation of gums
  • Facilitates better oral hygiene