Gentle Dentistry

Ridge Modification

What is Ridge Modification?

Ridge modification is a procedure performed to augment the bony ridge in your jaw that supports your teeth.

Indication for Ridge Modification

Ridge modification may be performed to treat various deformities in the upper and lower jaws as a result of trauma, injury, dentures, periodontal disease or developmental problems. These deformities often create an indentation near missing teeth in the jaw line, making it difficult to clean and maintain the oral cavity. Often the deformity leaves behind insufficient bone making it difficult for the placement of dental implants.

Ridge Modification Procedure

During a ridge modification procedure, your dentist lifts the gum away from the ridge and exposes the bony defect. The ridge is then built up by filling the defect with bone graft or bone substitute to regenerate the lost bone. Your dentist closes the incision flap and allows the wound to heal. The bone takes around 4 to 12 months to develop, after which dental implants may be placed. In certain cases, dental implant placement and ridge modification is performed at the same time.

Benefits of Ridge Modification

Ridge modification improves the appearance and function of your mouth and enables retention of the placed dental implants for many years.